Crowdsourcing GIS (VGI) Tidbits - 5/16/11

Bike advocates in NYC are looking to crowdsource where riders are getting tickets (submission form, no map). The group has already had an impact of how Police enforce traffic laws for bikes within Central Park.


Vermont Governor Shumlin is calling on his constituents to help update the state's broadband map (which had errors - even at his house!)

If we can't get the data right, we can't get the service right. So we're asking for your help today, Vermonters. Go to and check and see if the service that we think you have is the service that you really have. And then there's an interactive system by which you tell us the truth.
Twitter users in India are mapping power outages using tweets, a hashtag and Ushahidi. Here's the link.
It all started when Shefaly Yogendra, a London-based investment consultant, saw a discussion on power cuts on her Twitter timeline and suggested to her friends, "May be you guys SHOULD tweet #powercut with location. The infographic will highlight the need for investment. To many people." 

- Times of India

Published Monday, May 16th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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