Crowdsourcing GIS (VGI) Tidbits - 6/7/11

Crowdsourcing: Improving the Quality of Scientific Data Through Social Networking A PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM will be hosted by the National Academies on June 13, in DC.

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The Straits Times' (SIngapore) called on the community of readers to collaborate on a Google Map to show areas of flooding last weekend. Seventy locations were marked.

- Straits Times

This is an interesting "paid" crowdsourcing effort in developing countries.

A model like this is being deployed by Nathan Eagle, the CEO of txteagle Inc. As described by Eagle, txteagle is an “artificial artificial intelligence” system that enables 2.1 billion mobile phone subscribers living in the developing world to earn money, in the form of airtime sent to their mobile phones, by completing simple tasks. As an example, a subscriber in the developing world could use the location-based service to translate things into his or her local language.

- Internet Evolution

Published Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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