Cube Route, A Comprehensive Solution For Managing Field Personnel

By Hal Reid and Joe Francica

Cube Route (Ed note: Location Intelligence Magazine recently had a product overview discussion with Alex Walker, CEO of Cube Route. This is a summary of that discussion.)

Cube Route is a browser and cell phone independent solution for routing and managing field personnel .

It is Java based so not only does it work with almost any cell phone, but also works with CE powered PDAs and Smartphones.

Phone Image

Cube Route uses a business model of the customer only paying for what they use and is a transaction based model.In this way, there is no commitment for hardware, software only the service that they use. Pricing starts at US$2,500 set up charge with monthly minimums about US$1,250.

Cube Route also has a dashboard like BI output so that metrics can be seen of the customers system.For example, average time at stop, average number of stops per field person and metrics can be updated via GIS information.

Beyond just the basics of routing field people, the system can address the entire distribution network in terms of planning, metrics, deliveries and routing.

It can also be tied directly to the supply chain, order entry and billing systems.Geo-coding can be done when the order is entered so the end point information is carried with the order from the onset.

This is an example map of what is available to the dispatcher or field manager

Route Map

This is an example of the Route Details UI.

Route details image

Because this application is web based, if you need to get into the field personnel and routing business quickly, Cube Route can have you up and running in almost no time.

For more information, check out

Published Saturday, November 5th, 2005

Written by Hal Reid and Joe Francica

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