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Three positions in the Anderson County Zoning and Public Works Department [TN] have been eliminated, a restructuring expected to save more than $102,000 annually, Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank announced Monday.

The position of planner has been phased out, she said. That work will be done through a contract with East Tennessee Development District.

Also dropped will be the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) coordinator's job. Those mapping services will be provided through a cooperative agreement between the offices of mayor and property assessor. The county's property assessor already has an "accomplished GIS coordinator," Frank said.

I wonder if the coordinator title is in fact more that a GIS tech. I could see zoning and public works having a coordinator, who is perhaps the GIS coordinator for the couty, but wonder if an assessor would really have someone at that level.

- Knoxville News Sentinel

The only thing weid about the Cobb County, GA parcel and zoing apps for iOS and Android are that there's a QR code to access them on the webpage. Maybe I have it wrong, but I thought the point fo a QR code was to have it in the real world (on a product package or a movie poster) to access more info on a mobile device. The idea of a scanning a QR code on a computer screen with a phone seems a curious use. The apps use ArcGIS Online + Silverlight.

- 11 Alive

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a new online map (Leaflet, Mapbox, OSM) that shows private land avialble ot the public for hiking, fishing and hunting in return for owners getting a tax break. To date no such map has been available and the land owners participating have pretty much not had to make the land available. An invstigation by a Pulitzer prize winner helped gather the data and now outdoorspeople have land owner contact information and can if all goes well use the land!

- press release

The Franklin County GIS Consortium [Alabama] was honored during Monday’s Franklin County Commission meeting for developing a website and implementing a GIS program that links as many as 14 county agencies together.

It seems the consortium was honored because it was honored by Esri with a SAG award. In particular, the system aided in response to the April 27, 2011, tornado. Someone from Esri addressed the team at the meeting. I wonder if it would have been more valuable/educational for county leaders to do actual research to understand what the GIS is and how it works and address the team and other county officials.

- Franklin County Times

Published Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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