Dallas County Mosquito Map and other Government GIS News

Dallas County, TX commissioners last week agreed to spend more than $120,000 in grant funds for an online mapping system called MapVision. It will let the public track where officials plan to and have sprayed for mosquitoes to combat West Nile.

Unfortunately, the map expected online June 3, won't track where contractors do aerail spraying.

- Dallas News

Carroll [MD] residents can now use interactive online boundary maps to determine where their children will go to school based on where they live.

Per the detailed description of the process used to create it, it seems ArcGIS was used for boundaries, but in the end the Google Maps API was used for the final product.

The online map cuts most of the 30 calls per week on the topic from Realtors, current residents or people looking to move into the county.

- Carroll County Times

The city of West Jordan, UT now has a Flex Viewer Esri-based map of its cemetery. It includes a finder tool and details which graves are occupied and open. It was built by an intern.

- Standard Examiner

Published Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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