Dallas Neighborhoods and other Crowdsourcing GIS News

D Magazine (that's for Dallas) is looking for feedback on its rendering of neighborhoods in the city. The goal is to use these for identifying bars, restaurants, etc. so residential areas are not so important.

- D Magazine

What Was There is a crowdsourced effort to tag old photos so we can look back in time either on a map or via cell phone app ("augmented reality -ish" it seems you have to georef the photos).

The premise is simple: provide a platform where anyone can easily upload a photograph with two straightforward tags to provide context: Location and Year. If enough people upload enough photographs in enough places, together we will weave together a photographic history of the world (or at least any place covered by Google Maps). So wherever you are in the world, take a moment to upload a photograph and contribute to history!

- Whatwasthere.com via engadget

CrowdFlower, the leader in enterprise crowdsourcing, today announced general availability of the industry's first enterprise crowdsourcing platform to address the data management needs of Fortune 500 companies. Built on the patent-pending CrowdEngine technology system, CrowdFlower's technology platform enables companies to streamline large-scale business processes and obtain automated, high-quality results at exceptionally low costs. Examples include eCommerce product categorization, SEO content creation, business and marketing data verification and enrichment, and brand sentiment analysis.

This sounds more like Amazon's Mechanical Turk than what I expected.

- press release

The Bermuda Cultural Map Trust announced the launch of  ’Are you on the map?’, a campaign designed to offer organizations and individuals involved in Bermuda’s creative and cultural industries a no-cost marketing and cross-promotion opportunity.

The Bermuda Cultural Map Trust is a Bermuda-registered charity whose vision is to provide a platform for Bermuda’s creative and cultural assets and explore how they can contribute to Bermuda economically, socially and culturally.

The Trust oversees the development and management of the Bermuda Cultural Map, a Google Maps-based directory that is fully editable and extendable with user-controlled updates.

- Bernews.com

Published Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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