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Dengue Fever Project Job and other Health GIS News

The position is for one year at Monash Univeristy in Australia: Geographic Information Systems Officer (Eliminate Dengue Program). Sounds awesome!

- The Conversation

Health officials are already on high alert in the run-up to the Olympics, with the Health Protection Agency having increased its surveillance work to detect any signs of a virus. It has set up a monitoring system of hospital admissions and concerns raised with GPs, to alert staff to the first signs of mass contagion.

The UK is second after Singapore in its risk for avian or H1N1 flu to spread, according to risk analsyt Maplecroft.

- The Independent

The Daily Mail has a (rather poor) map of reports of child sex offense reports by police force in Britain. 

- Daily Mail


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at the University of Wisconsin created a project to determine the healthiest counties of every state by ranking them.

- map

- via All Voices

Published Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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