Did you wonder why LBS seems so dead of late?

Here's a sample of the announcements to help illustrate thre recent calm.

Highlight today announced the release of a new version of its location-based service app. The company calls it a “big evolution of its product” and centers around a new photo-sharing service that centers around your location — the company calls it “photos + physical space”. Additionally, the update includes the creation of “walls” — that is, the launch of events that centered around spontaneity. These updates will be coming to both Apple’s App store and Google Play at noon PST today.

Yes, it sounds like the now defunct Color app, as TNW notes.

Finding current real-time information about your favorite merchant, restaurant, or attraction can be difficult at times. Jabberly has set out to help solve that problem and has launched an iOS app that allows people to use their mobile devices to ask questions about a particular location and get answers quickly from those with boots on the ground, no matter where they are around the country.

When an overview depends on discussing what an app is not, over what it is, as TNW does, it's a sign it does not really solve a problem.

Over at the Atlantic, Caterina Fake, a co-founder of Flickr talks about the new LBS world, the return to local and her new app Foundry.

Findery lets you tease out local knowledge, hidden secrets, stories and information about the world around you. People can annotate places in the real world, leave notes tagged to a specific geographic location—an address, a street corner, a stream, a park bench, the rock at the end of the road. Then, other people find those notes.

I for one am just not feeling the LBS innovation anymore.

Published Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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