DigitalGlobe Launches Cloud Service Called “MyDigitalGlobe”

Today, DigitalGlobe announced a new cloud called "My DigitalGlobe" to enable data to be more discoverable. The new interface is a thin client that conforms to OGC Web Services (OWS) specifications. The objective is to allow users to find relevant data through advanced map-based seaching and browsing.

The typical workflow allows the user to search a specific geographic area using a bounding rectangle and retrieve 10-years of archived DigitalGlobe imagery. A "slider bar" at the bottom of the browser shows a time-scale with thumbnail graphics of the image library. The user can retrieve imagery at any point along that timeline and then download any individual image to a specific format such as GeoPDF. Metadata is included in the download. A unique featuer of the service is that alerts can be set to notify a user when a new image is added to the library of a specific area of interest. The user would receive either an email or the alert is retrievable as an RSS feed.

The service provides access to more than 200 million Km2 of imagery.

Published Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

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