DigitalGlobe Leverages Existing Constellation with Assured Look

While at the GEOINT conference I sat down with Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe’s CTO and the first question I asked was whether he would take over for CEO Jill Smith after her departure. Scott served briefly in that capacity over his career with DigitalGlobe. He said that he understands his skills and that he prefers his current position and feels that he can best serve the company in that capacity.

What Scott did focus on in our discussion is how DigitalGlobe can best utilize its full constellation of earth observation satellites. DigitalGlobe now offers a service called "AssuredLook" whereby subscribers to this service will get regular, repeat coverage of key areas that DigitalGlobe has identified as being of broad interest to both government and commercial clients. DigitalGlobe will deliver imagery via FTP within 12-hours of being collected. That’s pretty good customer service and indicates a focus on client demands to get imagery in a fast and efficient manner.

Published Friday, November 5th, 2010

Written by Joe Francica

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