DigitialGlobe Year-End Investor Call: A Big Year

The bottom line was that 2012 was a big year and 2013 will be big, too:

  • Grew revenue 24% to $421.4 million. 
  • Grew next 12-month backlog 37% to $419 million.
  • Commercial revenue was a record
  • $535-660M for 2013

Leadership reviewed four goals for the year and how they were met:


1) Meet Full potential of Enhanced View

  • met and exceeded
  • updated ground stations
  • integrated with NGA
  • enhanced delivery
  • combining with GeoEye delivers more product, faster

Shared that the company is in a good place, should sequestration go forward.


2) Diversification of Revenue

  • $195M from non Enhanced View money this year, up 24%
  • Expect that to be higher, about 65% from diversified, with GeoEye, next year
  • Grew in international govs, LBS and other industries

3) Investment Excellence

  • Joining with GeoEye enhances value, content, delivery
  • And supports other goals
  • Financial synergies - raising projections - $100 million growth after six quarters

4) Develop a Culture of Leadership

  • Key hires and promotions
  • Diverse team with record of success
  • Two new folks from GeoEye in senior leadership

In the Q&A I found two questions interesting.


One was about expansion of non-US government revenue. There are two areas that look promising, but have longer sales cycles.

  • humanitarian areas
  • local law enforcement

The second was about use of capital. 

  • Expect more acquisitions

- replay of call and slides (pdf)

- press release

Published Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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