Directions Magazine to Provide More Options for Geospatial Professionals in 2013

By Joe Francica

As we move into 2013, Directions Magazine will deliver many more options for readers who want choices in how they get their news.

1.       Directions Magazine will offer a weekly newsletter that encapsulates the top ten stories of the previous week. Those who previously received the daily newsletter will now receive this weekly update instead.

2.       Directions’ All Points Blog will continue to offer a daily dose of the most important breaking news stores. Subscribe today to catch all the news that other publications miss.

3.       Directions has launched Directions Magazine India to bring you news to that exploding market for geospatial technology. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and join the LinkedIn group.

4.       Follow us on Twitter so you can get the news fast

a.    @directionsmag

b.    @directionsapb

c.    @geocloud

d.    @locationintel

e.    @directionsindia

f.      …and find us on that includes a comprehensive journal of all information published by us via Twitter

5.       Directions provides readers with numerous options to receive content specifically for their industry in the following categories:

a.      Government

b.      Energy and Infrastructure

c.      Location Intelligence and Analytics (See also our LinkedIn Group on this topic and subscribe to our weekly news update)

d.      Global Security and GEOINT

e.      Education and Jobs

6.       Directions offers news for specific technology sectors

a.      Remote Sensing (Subscribe to our weekly news update)

b.      Cloud Computing (See also our LinkedIn Group on this topic and subscribe to our weekly news update)

c.      Mobile Location

d.      Open Source solutions

However you want your news and in whatever medium or however frequent, Directions Magazine is offering you the most choices of any publication in the location technology and geospatial information marketplace.

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