DMTV #13: Sneak Peak into Google Labs’ Fusion Tables-Geocoding & Thematic Mapping for Spreadsheets

By Joe Francica

Back in the mid 1990's many will remember that Microsoft Excel included a thematic mapping option as one of the choices for creating graphic illustrations from data stored in a spreadsheet. MapInfo was the embedded engine in Excel that provided that functionality but that option has not been included in Excel for the last several releases. Well, now, hidden deep in the bowels of Google Labs comes Google Fusion Tables by will geocode and thematically map data stored in a Google Docs spreadsheet. This from Google: Fusion Tables is a service to manage large collections of cloud-based table data. You can import spreadsheets up to 100 MB and upload them for colleagues to share or publish. You can apply filters to your data and aggregate functions, visualize the data in maps and other diagrams. See the video for a quick demo.

Published Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Written by Joe Francica

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