DoD Heating Up

By Richard Serby

It became apparent after attending a "Top Secret" clearances only career show in Colorado Springs this week that the DoD market is heating up. All of the major DoD contractors were in attendance to court 350 attendees who currently hold Secret or Top Secret clearances.

Most everyone I spoke to indicated that this will be a very busy year for DoD recruiters.

One gentleman said, "I've been doing this for 20 years and expect to be on the road and busier than ever this year."

To add to the seriousness of hiring and keeping employees with clearances IBM recently gave an immediate $1500 per month raise to all employees with current clearances to encourage loyalty and improve retention. An industry internal recruiter for a major defense contractor told me that his company was considering a similar move.

The process for obtaining clearances has gotten so bogged down that it can take months or more than a year to get through the process. Hiring people who already hold clearances is the top priority for contractors. Those who have held clearances in the past may get through the process a little faster if the clearance has expired within the past two years.

It's a 'buyers market' for anyone holding a clearance. Personally, I haven't read this many 'paper' resumes in ten years!

Published Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Written by Richard Serby

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