Dutch Government to Share Data and other International GIS News

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Ministry for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation announced the creation of a national database for satellite images that will be available to the public and entrepreneurs. The Ministry is allocating 4 million Euros to create this database. The imagery will be centrally procured to keep costs down. The Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment will be contributing to the satellite database;  the minitry will provide full access for free to the government's 'base registry' of topographic data, maintained by the cadastre, starting January 1st, 2012. At the moment access to the full database costs 50.000 Euro.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tapped Cybercom to buid an IT system that supports inventory of, damages caused by, and hunting of predators in Sweden. Among the partners is  Esri Sverige.
Several EU countries must give funds back to the European Commission due to errors connected with GIS technology.
The main financial corrections are €76.6 million charged to Sweden for the weaknesses in the Land Parcel Identification System – Geographical Information System (LPIS-GIS), administrative controls and sanctions for area-aids expenditures, including area-based Rural Development measures; €70.9 million charged to Italy with regard to the late controls in the sector of milk; and €22.3 million charged to Denmark for the weaknesses in LPIS-GIS, in the on-the-spot checks and in the calculation of sanctions.

Published Friday, October 14th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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