Earthscape - A Virtual Globe Application for Mobile Devices

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Tom Churchill, CEO of Earthscape, presents a visually compelling, game-style desktop navigation system that also works on your mobile device. Earthscape’s desktop globe, although impressive in its own right, offers the user several unique features. First, it has an archived aerial and satellite imagery component – a hugely attractive for the remote-sensing image processors or imagery-buffs out there. The user-interface provides georeferenced, geo-stacked and chronologically cataloged imagery shows areas that have experienced changes all over the globe. Second, Earthscape has a social/relationship experience allowing users to add facts (similar to “tagging” data) to a map whether it is information about a feature in 1948 or 2008. Finally, Earthscape has implemented a flight simulator interface to allow for views from the "cockpit" or "outside" the aircraft.

The presentation was recorded at Google headquarters on August 19, 2008, and lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

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