EDS/Esri Reapportionment Study

Election Data Services and Esri, a leading demographics company, released a new study on which states stand to gain seats in the House and which stand to lose based on population shifts. The big winners happen to be in states holding marquee gubernatorial races. Texas is projected to gain 4 seats, bringing its total to 36 and Florida is slated to have 27 post census seats, a 2-seat jump.

- National Journal

The study was released Sunday at a National Conference of State Legislatures’ redistricting seminar in Rhode Island.

The population estimates were created by GIS and demographic company ESRI, which uses Census Bureau population estimates supplemented with additional data to track county-level population trends, from building permits and housing starts, IRS data, postal service data, and other sources.

- Sunshine State News

I could not find a link to the study on quick look.

Published Monday, September 27th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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