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The nine members of the new Boulder County Community Mapping Team [the newest 4-H club in Boulder County, Colorado] are learning about geographic information systems or GIS — a field that addresses gathering, analyzing and presenting geographic information, often by creating maps. ...

The ESRI grant allows club members to have the ArcGIS software installed on their home computers, with access to a virtual campus of GIS classes. That package retails for about $40,000 per person, Worker said.

I'm thinking there's an error there, but the program looks great.

- Longmont Times-Call

SDSU is helping mapping fishery stocks around the world. The idea is to map fishing pressure, not just how much is caught.

Scientists at San Diego State University, Duke University and the National Marine Fisheries Service in La Jolla have created what are touted as the first maps of coastal fishing effort across six mega-regions of the world....San Diego State said the series of color-coded maps provides the first quantitative assessment of the number of boats and the types of fishing gear used in West Africa, the West Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Southwest Atlantic and the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

- SignOnSandiego

Bucknell University has been awarded a $520,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support development of the Environmental Center and related revisions to the curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences.

...[Part of] the grant will support development of GIS technology as a tool in teaching, learning and research of environmental topics. Working with the staff of the Office of Library and Information Technology, Bucknell will introduce faculty to the uses of GIS and encourage its integration into the curriculum, and fund individual student researchers who are involved in GIS projects.

Very cool. I wonder if they'll hire any instructional designers?

- Bucknell

This comment from a student visiting a Rowan University job fair is very insightful:

Across the room, senior Blake Magri was looking for any jobs related to GIS (geographic information system) technology or geography.

"There are two companies here that I got information from that I didn't know existed before, but I think more GIS-related fields should come to the career fair," said Magri. "Showing more job opportunities would increase interest and expand the major here at Rowan. I have my resume today, but most of the places I've talked to seem to be looking more for internships. I think events like this are good though because it allows you to get in touch with contacts early and some people may find out they should really go to grad school."


The University of Oklahoma now offers masters and PhD degrees in geoinformatics.

- OU Daily

74000 Karnataka, India govt schools will be "GIS-mapped."

- DNA India

Published Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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