Education GIS Tidbits - 4/20/11

The Western Illinois Construction Management Association (WICMA) is teaming up with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center on Western Illinois University's Macomb campus this semester to gain hands-on experience while helping to preserve The Brickyard, a national historic landmark in Colchester.]

The article describes how the construction students (it's a student run organization) will participate; it's not clear at all how the GIS center folks are contributing.

[U Colorado, Colorado Springs] Ryan Hollamby, a graduate student in the Geography department, was recently named Student Employee of the Year. In honor of this award, Hollamby received a plaque and a $200 stipend from the school. He was also entered in the state competition and won Student Employee of the Year for the state of Colorado, from which he received an additional $50 stipend.
His actual job, through the psychology department is with the state corrections department; he uses "GIS to analyze, track and understand offender movement."
This from the team at Geothentic (I wrote about this tech while it was in development back in Dec 2010):
Geothentic has completed it's beta testing phase and is ready for use in your classroom! There are three modules online and ready for delivery to your students: San Francisco (identifying the ideal location for building a hospital in the bay area), Climate Change (identifying the top areas of the world most affected by climate change), and Avian Flu (identifying the top areas of the world most affected by Avian Flu). Get your students involved in using authentic geospatial technologies to solve these questions, and more!

Published Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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