Update: Education GIS Tidbits - 4/25/11

URISA has extended the deadline for its student comptition until June 20. I think the original deadline was June 1. I'm thinking not so many students submitted papers. Perhaps the "prizes" are not appealing? Perhaps the requirements too onorous? Any students or educators want to offer feedback?

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URISA has announced a student paper/poster competition. Undergrad and grad students must submit a paper and can win a URISA membership (value $20) or a registration to the annual conference. There is an "encouraged" topics list. Community College students and certificate program students (who may already have bachelor's degrees I guess) must develop a poster and can win membership and a recommendation (?) for free registration at a regional event. There are no guidelines on topics. This second category is co-sponsored by the GeoTech Center.

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The Earth Knowledge Portal (which I wrote about last year in Directions Magazine) has an update just in time for Earth Day last week. Now the portal map uses Google Earth (no go on my Mac) and has the University of Phoenix as a partner (or a sponsor per the website - not really sure which).

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Ball State University [Muncie, Indiana] is making maps to help the community identify its neediest areas, including severely eroded river banks, neighborhoods heavy with low-income residents who are without health care and historic homes lacking attention.

The workshops which support these efforts are classes, mostly for grad students. Unfortunately, the faculty member behind them Matthew Wilson, associate professor, is leaving the University of Kentucky. The University hopes to continue this work as it hires new faculty.

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