Education GIS Tidbits - 5/12/11

Eric Stipe and Tanner Semerad, from the University of Oregon, started with an aerial map and from it and other information created an app to find not just fast, but also safe walking routes in Salem. The app is online and does not seem to use term "safe" or "safety." The project was part of a year long effort linking the city and the school focusing on sustainability.

- Statesman Journal

CSUB geology majors Simarjit (Simmie) Chehal and Alexandra Rose used their skills from their Geographical Information Systems (GIS) class with CSUB Professor Dr. Jan Gillespie to create a new map for the Panorama Vista Preserve in northeast Bakersfield.

- One Bakersfield [California]

It's time for appointments of distinguished faculty at the New York's State Universities. And one of the distinguished service professors appointed is in geography.

John W. Frazier – Binghamton University: A recipient of the Chancellors Award for Excellence in Faculty Service in 2009-2010, Professor Frazier has been a stalwart leader of Geography at Binghamton University since 1976. During his four decades at the University, his record of service within the Geography Department and more broadly across campus are unparalleled. Major themes that have emerged from his case include pioneer, promotion of diversity, leadership/ transformative/charting new directions, and an applied practitioner, as well as many references to his service to local planning agencies, industry, government, and community organizations. At a national level, Professor Frazier taught HUD's leadership and field offices how to use geographical analysis and tools and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to evaluate affordable housing and fair housing practices in minority neighborhoods. In the community, Professor Frazier has received grants and contracts to support graduate students, which also resulted in technical reports that have guided comprehensive planning, housing analysis, and GIS technology for a number of public agencies. Professor Frazier's leadership is unparalleled in promoting diversity through national and international conferences.

And, since he's noted in the same announcement and a long time friend of the family, I must note that Guyora Binder, professor of Law at Buffalo, was appointed a distinguished professor.

Guyora Binder – University at Buffalo: Professor Binder is recognized as one of the leading legal academics in the United States today. His extraordinary and widely acclaimed body of work as a leading author, thinker, and teacher in the fields of criminal law and law and literature places him at the pinnacle of the academy. Professor Binder is widely acclaimed as a scholar and writer. He has been listed among the "50 Most Prolific Law Professors" in Jalnes Lindgren and Daniel Seltzer’s, "The Most Prolific Law Professors and Faculties," 71 Chicago-Kent Law Review 781 (1996). The sheer volume of substantive and highly quoted articles in the top law reviews in the country is an unequivocal index of the high quality of his work and a mark of academic excellence. He has been rated by successive UB Law students as one of the best and most attentive teachers. Professor Binder has chaired the Appointments Committee seven times. Currently, he is the chair of the President's Review Board, and was its member from 2001-04. The totality of Professor Binder's work, teaching, and service is extraordinary.

- News34

Talented high school students can apply through May 31 for Clarion University’s Summer Academy 2011, Geospatial Technologies and Our Water Resources. The academy will be held July 31 to Aug. 6. Clarion is in Clarion, PA and a grant makes the weeklong course, including room and board just $100. 

- Gant Daily

Published Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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