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Dawn Wright, well known in the Esri community for her advocacy for the use of GIS in studying the marine environment will take a leave of absence [corrected per comment] from Oregon State to join Esri as Chief Scientist. Wright's Twitter bio currently reads:

Oregon State University GIS prof (soon to be ESRI chief scientist), cyclist, ocean mapper, geek, Lego maniac

I guess this is the new personnel announcement format for Esri!

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What's the latest addition to the Hopeworks 'n Camden (NJ) map set for 2011 distribution? QR codes.

- The Courier Post

Third graders in Needham explored the geography and history of the town by making their own hand drawn maps that are currently being displayed around town, thanks to the Needham 300 Committee and a grant from the Needham Education Foundation.

A program called Magic of Maps allowed the students to meet with a professional cartographer, who taught them about map making.

Nope, no sign of any technology in use!

- Boston Globe

Published Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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