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A teacher from Bangor High School in Maine, Margaret Chernosky, was selected as one of six National Geographic Grosvenor Scholar and will travel to the Arctic this summer to learn and share her learning with others. The article in the local paper notes her expertise with GIS as one reason she was selected for the competitive spot. That's why this comment bothered me:

According to Chernosky, the National Geographic Society is in the process of further integrating GIS into their expeditions in order to better understand the environments they visit.

- Bangor Daily News

Nathan Wessel, a student at Univ. of Cinncinnatti noticed his friends were not taking public transit.

One reason, Wessel observed, was that current transit maps include too much information, leaving riders confused and perhaps unwilling to ride. So he designed a map to assuage rider concerns, allowing them to quickly and easily see which line they need to take, how to take it, and how long they will have to wait.

So he used an online donation site to raise funds to publish a map, which he released (or will release?) under a Creative Commons license.  He argues the simplified map will also be useful to help businesses decide where to locate.

- Soapbix

A Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science under consideration at University of New Hampshire. Feedback requested.

Published Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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