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Iwatch offers a map of "where states stand in distributing Medicaid incentive payments for adoption of health information technology."

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Sickweather, a start-up that’s attempting to forecast illness outbreaks by tracking Facebook and Twitter updates, says its method might have already worked.

That is, Sickweather noticed increased occurrences of the word “cough” near Algonquin, Ill., dating back to Oct. 5, about one month before whooping cough reports hit the local news. About a month later, the service recorded the same trends in Milwaukee, Wis., another area hit by whooping cough.

Now, that does not mean the company predicted the outbreaks, but does suggest it's on the right track.

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The first All-Ireland Cancer Atlas is a collaborative publication by the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry at Queen's University Belfast and the National Cancer Registry in Cork. Among the findings: People in Northern Ireland face a greater risk of developing lung cancer than those living in the Republic of Ireland. But they are at lower risk of developing skin cancer. It's a PDF accessible via this intro page.


Published Friday, December 9th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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