Elmhurst “Digital Earth” MOOC Awards Hundreds of Badges in First Week

Elmhurst College is using the Credly platform to confer badges to those completing modules of its Skill for the Digital Earth MOOC. The course has been open about a week and students have earned more than 400 badges. Some have just one or two badges while others have six or more. The Credly platform allows students to share their badges publicly, if they choose. I saw several geospatial community names I recognize among badge recipients. 

The badge at right is for:

Fundamental Computing Skills of Geography

Description This badge recognizes successful completion of the Fundamental Computing Skills Associated with Geography module in the MOOC (massive open online course) titled "Skills for the Digital Earth" offered by Elmhurst College. Recipients of this badge worked through a series of activities aimed at: - Successfully identify the skills of navigation online, including file management. - Recognizing geographic communication skills. - Recognizing skills associated with e-publishing, use of sprea...

The platform is free for students to use. Organizations that want to award badges can opt for a free or paid subscription

Published Monday, April 7th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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