Elmhurst Geospatial MOOC, Skills for the Digital Earth, Open for Registration

Skills for the Digital Earth, a four week Massive Open Online Course from Elmhurst College, is now open for registration. The course begins Sunday Mar 30 and will taught by Associate Professor in the Department of Geography & Geosciences, Dr. Rich Schultz. It's offered in partnership with the GeoTech Center.

Here's what you will learn:

Within this MOOC, participants will learn what location technologies are used for, how the discipline developed and learn by doing via a series of scaffolded practical exercises. Online spatial software will be employed for any device using a browser which takes users through exercises and real world examples. It is appropriate for those with no prior experience with geographic information systems (GIS) software all the way to advanced users.

And, from a course brochure/webpage, which includes full learning objectives and badges available, participants will:

  • Demonstrate fundamental basic geographic concepts and be exposed to the geospatial workforce.

  • Identify skills associated with the Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM).

  • Display creative thinking skills, problem-solving, and decision making in geospatial technologies.

  • Use geospatial tools and technology and apply some business fundamentals using GIS.

  • Recognize employment opportunities in the geospatial industry.

  • Demonstrate the use of basic computer skills.

  • Demonstrate the use of business application software.

  • Demonstrate the use and interpretation of spatial data and data sources.

  • Demonstrate the core geospatial abilities which are consistent with those of someone working in the geospatial industry. 

Further, those who complete some or all of the course content will receive different credentials or credit at Elmhurst:

  • Upon successful completion of Modules 1-6, participants will be issued a certificate of completion. Upon successful completion of Module 7, participants will receive an additional certificate.
  • Module 1-6’s certificate of completion may be used as a waiver to GIS 100 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies, the first course in the Online Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at Elmhurst College. 

The course is hosted on the relatively new Desire2Learn Open Courses platform. The platform has about ten courses (old and new) in its current catalog.

Published Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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