Esri Announces Wiki for Education Users of ArcGIS Online

"A new wiki at supports the ArcGIS Online education community" per a post on Esri's HigherEd-L e-mail list. The wiki seems to have evolved out of a dicussion of ArcGIS Online Coaching Points for Higher Education, a document discussed earlier this year on A Very Spatial podcast and noted on All Points Blog. To post one needs an account, but the wiki is open for anyone to read. Here's the "why" and "how" of the wiki:

ArcGIS Online is an evolving cloud-based GIS software as a service. It is updated several times a year. Educators and Esri staff need a dynamic medium to share problems and advice. This wiki supports the ArcGIS Online education community by providing such a medium.

We encourage education users to post the challenges they face as scenarios in the relevant sections of this wiki. Experienced ArcGIS Online users and Esri staff will respond with advice (i.e., "coaching points") that help users overcome challenges. To add your scenarios and coaching points to the wiki, simply create an account to gain editing privileges. The team that hosts provides plenty of online help.

A user of the wiki cites this interesting quote:

In July 2014 it [Esri] announced a five-fold increase in the allotment of service credits to education customers at no extra cost.

I think educators might want to have a look at the wiki before they attend the Education GIS Conference next weekend.

Published Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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