Esri Developer Summit 2012 RoundUp

This is not complete, but gives some flavor and highlights of what unfolded at the Esri Developer Summit last week in Palm Springs.

Write Ups:

  • GISi had many (all?) of its attendees blog each day. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 That's just great. 
  • Two blog posts from Esri Blog. The cover the plenary and keynote. (Only two? Maybe you need a few more journalists to cover the event?)
  • GISbiz


Esri's plenary videos are online. And there are others:


Silverlight - 1, 2, 3, 4

HTML5 + CSS3 Geolocation demo app from Intro to Web APIs

How To (for attendees):

To authorize 10.1 Prerelease, log into Customer Care site & choose Prerelease

Tweets of Note

Morten Nielsen ‏ @dotMorten
During #devsummit there were WAY more people coming to tell me how important #silverlight is to them than ppl asking about if "SL is dead"

Brandon B Brown ‏ @brandonbbrown
Bombtastic sweetness of new printing options in the web APIs #devsummit well done sirs, well done

Dave Bouwman ‏ @dbouwman
So - Scott Morehouse says that the next version of Desktop will be based on the RunTime bits. #devsummit #sweet!

Paul ferro ‏ @geotrek
Scott Morehouse: we will create a github like community to encourage open source solutions collaboration. #DevSummit

Sterling Quinn ‏ @SterlingGIS
Diagrams of potential ArcGIS Server 10.1 architectures, from large to small: #devsummit

Dave Bouwman ‏ @dbouwman
Mini DevSummits Are Planned For Europe As Well! #devsummit

Jithen (J) Singh ‏ @jiriteach
Lots Of Focus On Solutions With The Intent To Open Source Alot Of Them! #devsummit

Scott Bradley ‏ @djmapper
Big push to enabling disconnected workflows as well as online! #DevSummit

Jim Tochterman ‏ @jtochterman
Maybe lots of newer developers and less old school ones. RT@jiriteach: Wow Not Many Developers Are Esri Certified! #devsummit

Jithen (J) Singh ‏ @jiriteach
EDN Now Includes Runtime SDKs And A New EDN Enterprise Is Coming Which Includes Online! #devsummit

Jithen (J) Singh ‏ @jiriteach
So SP5 For ArcGIS 10 Is Coming In July! #devsummit

Scott Bradley ‏ @djmapper
All sessions recorded and available after the #DevSummit

Josef Strobl ‏ @GIStrobl
Why was #GeoDesign not even mentioned at ESRI #DevSummit? No need for any dev competence for design? No design before dev?

Jim Tochterman ‏ @jtochterman
For those of you who have never attended the #Esri #Devsummit, let me tell you now... Devsummit > UC!!!!! #NoComparison

crystal dorn ‏ @CrystalDorn Close
If you're paying for it when you're no longer using it, that's not the Cloud. #devsummit keynote Steve Riley

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Published Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

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