ESRI Developer Summit/Business Partner Conference 2007 Coverage

By Adena Schutzberg

_ESRI held the annual events this week in Palm Springs, California. Directions Media did not attend, but I've pulled together coverage from ESRI and the many bloggers those who did. This is just a sampling of links with some of the juicy tidbits and quotes I found.

ESRI Materials
ESRI Developer Summit Podcasts (these preview the talks, all under 16 minutes, 5.5 Mb)

Blog Coverage
ESRI 2007 Business Partner Conference Plenary Session (Spatially Adjusted, James Fee) and Business Partner Conference d1, Plenary Session! (ѕcrарраd blog, Jithen Singh)
ArcGIS 9.3 Desktop expected June 2007, will include GML, OGC, Vista and Virtual Earth support
ArcGIS Server 9.3 will include JavaScript API, ArcWeb and PostgreSQL support
ArcGIS Version 10 (2008, maybe) will include multiple layouts, "modern interface (the screen shots shown had a Microsoft Office 2007 look to them with that 'ribbon' toolbars" and high end graphics card support
In the Dev Summit Plenary (Very Spatial)
Dev Summit 07 Plenary part 2
Podcast: AVSP Roadshow - ESRI Dev Summit - Plenary
Extensive plenary coverage. One tidbit: "They will be adding a 1m imagery dataset to ArcGIS Online in the near future"
A Series of posts (Rise and Shout, Rob Elkins)
Topics: 2nd Annual ESRI Developer Summit, ArcGIS Server takes the Stage (Author - Server - Use), Plenary Session continues, Online GIS
"The plenary session today is for both Dev Summit attendees and ESRI Business Partners and International Distributors. I'm guessing there are about 2000 in the room."
Dev Summit: Plenary Session Notes (Zen GIS Development, Dave Bouwman)
"Rumor has it that there will be more teams blogging shortly."
ESRI Dev Summit D1 (The Memory Leak)
Review of IBM Breakfast, "2 days of IBM’s profits = 1 year of ESRI’s profit"
Also, some good stats: Attendance: 1600 (some said 2000) twice what it was in 2006, Estimated Percent Male: 95%, Estimated Median Age: 40

Published Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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