Esri Federal GIS Conference News Roundup

Directions Magazine's Joe Francica covered the event in a series of blog posts, but the mainstream, government and tech media were present as well.

The totally awesome future of GIS - FCW Blog

Federal CTO Todd Park wants mapmakers and geospatial developers to lead a “whole new wave of awesomeness for our country,” in which open-data innovation produces “new products, features, insights to create jobs and [still more] general awesomeness.”

Saving Money at the Esri Federal GIS Conference - ImagerySpeaks (Excelis Blog)

The Esri Federal GIS conference is currently happening at the Walter E. Washington convention center in Washington D.C. With all of the financial uproar happening in Washington right now, I think it’s more important than ever for industries to understand how the implementation of GIS and image analysis techniques can provide tangible cost-savings.

Mapping Portal to Link Government, Other Data in Geospatial Platform - Data Informed

The purpose of the new online geographic information systems (GIS) portal [] will be “to provide data that people can make maps with, as well as to provide tools to help people make maps,” said the Department of the Interior’s Geospatial Information Officer Jerry Johnston. Johnston is a member of the Federal Geographic Data Committee and leader of the project. The site was presented at the Esri Federal GIS Conference in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 25-27, attended by approximately 3,600 government geospatial managers, specialists and analysts, as well as chief information officers and geographic information officers. Esri is a technology provider for the new portal. 

Future of GIS- Esri Federal GIS User Conference - GovLoop Blog 

On Monday I attended Esri's annual Federal GIS User Conference. This conference brings together over 2,700 GIS professionals, managers, and government executives for three days of intensive learning and sharing. In the morning plenary session, Jack Dangermond, Esri President, discussed how GIS technology and mapping are helping government employees do their job better and more efficiently like never before. From understanding human health to emergency management and facility planning, GIS as a platform is transforming our world, and specifically how federal agencies are meeting their missions and improving services. 

How industry collaboration helps the U.S. government share and safeguard information - Smart Blogs

“It would be like trying to clap with one hand.”

That is how the man tasked with leading the U.S. government’s effort to share and safeguard information describes the prospect of trying to accomplish that goal without collaboration from the geospatial community. Kshemendra Paul, program manager for the government’sInformation Sharing Environment, says that while the government’s role in cybersecurity has been all over the news lately, the ISE is in no way new to the information-safeguarding landscape. Born out of the events of 9/11, the ISE was created to help various government agencies share data with an eye toward enhancing national security.

Published Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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