Esri Going Big for Developers at Dev Summit and SXSW

The ArcGIS for Developers page is long list of events meant to draw existing and potential developers to its new platform to be released in March.

New platform?

Yes, it'll be easier than before to use and include 

  • Geocoding and Place Search
  • Directions and Routing
  • Mapping and Visualization tools
  • A New Monthly Subscription Plan


There will be a hackathon (batlle?) March 24, the day before the dev summit for visitors to get hands on experience with the new platform. Teams (in person and remote participants are ok) will build apps and present them for prizes the next day

Esri will have a house at SXSW (apparently a trolley ride away from downtown) for the week of the event in Austin.


Esri will have a house at SXSW! The Esri Lavahouse will be putting on events and hackathons throughout SXSW, and we'll have bunch of space with food, powerstrips for hacking and hanging out. The Esri Lavahouse will be open and free to the public from 8am-5pm starting Friday, March 8th to Monday March 11. Catch a trolley from the convention center to Lavahouse every day!

Esri is dropping a good deal of money on this house, I'm sure. Esri is making good on its promise to court developers.

- Esri ArcGIS for Developers Page

Published Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

Published in

Esri Technology

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