Esri Lauches ArcGIS Open Data Site

And, now the new URL is live:

--- 3/10/14 8:20 EST ---

Update: The site is no longer live. H/T @owenboswara, @stevenfeldman

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Esri has launched ArcGIS Open Data [old URL we think], ArcGIS Open Data a website with the tag line "Explore open data from all over the world." Those who visit are invited to: Collaborate, Discover New Data and Visualize and Analyze. When I visited on Sunday afternoon the website had 81,301 datasets.

I did a search on EPA since I know the EPA was a participant in the first discussions of ArcGIS Online Open Data Program (Directions Magazine coverage). What I found were many EPA datasets (286) with creation dates in the past few years. There was no informatoin about when the dataset was added to this portal. Alongside a paragraph of description I found these data associated with ctdphonline: EPA Faciliites:

CREATED BY amitksinha on October 1, 2013

UPDATED a month ago

LICENSING No license specified (licensing continues to concern me)


METADATA (took me to a website only available to Esri employees at this time)

TAGS sym

I could view a table, subscribe to the dataset or download the data in spreadsheet, KML, shapefile or via API. I chose KML and was sent to this URL which was just a blank white page. I was also offered, from the map visualization of the data, a button to share the dataset with others via this URL

I am reminded of somthing Tim O'Reilly said in 2005 (see #5) about if you can't own the data, organize the data. Esri and Google are now working to be the company that does that in the geodata space.

- H/T @RyanLanclos 

Published Monday, March 10th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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