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Per a post on Facebook:

Northeast Education User Group Meeting planned for May 2 at the *new* Esri Boston Office. We're looking for presenters to share best practices for using GIS in teaching, research, or campus operations. If you've got a great story to tell, let me know.

The "new" office is in Middleton, but still up near the Ferncroft area in Danvers.

- Facebook

The name of Framingham State's new internship initiative is the Community/Hometown Organizations Internships and Cooperative Education, or "CHOICE" program.

Debuting this summer, the university- and state-funded program will provide dozens of paid positions within the town of Framingham and at local community organizations and nonprofits that normally cannot afford to compensate interns.

Some funding is from donations and there's hope organizations that benefit can provide some funding, too. Interns get course credit and there's a vision that every grad completes at least one intership before graduation. 

One of the CHOICE internships the town is planning to offer, for example, is a GIS position responsible for cataloguing Framingham's many public access roads.

"It doesn't take a full engineer to figure out, but it does take someone with discipline and training," said Halpin, who added the task is perfect for a college student.

So far as I know Framingham does not yet teach GIS, but I know there are geography classes. Way to go Framingham State!


- Metrowest Daily News

 Nicholls State University's geomatics program has signed a deal with Lafourche Parish to help update and maintain the parish's mapping systems.

The parish gets data updates and the students gain experience. The univeristy will host a backup of the data and the longterm vision is that the school, the only state one with a geomatics program, will work toward supporting more parishes.

Under the agreement, the parish will pay Nicholls $100,000 a year to help with its Geographic Information System, a catalog of detailed maps used to plan drainage, streets, construction, emergency response and other projects.

That's a lot of money; I'm glad the parish has it and the school can use it.

- Huouma Today

Published Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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