Esri Shares Content from Transform Your Organization ArcGIS 10.1 Roadshow

Esri has shared videos, handouts and demos from various locations from its 2012 ArcGIS 10.1 roadshow titled Transform Your Organization. You can even get a PDF of the certificate of attendence. Slide decks are provided in PDF, too. The one I downloaded was 34 Mb.

Suggestion: I'd like to see more metadata about what some of these things are. I had to download the PDF under Presentation to learn it was a a file of slides. I'd also like to know the size of the file. It's also confusing that some videos are labeled [video] but other content, demos, that are also videos, but not labeled. I think videos have people in them and non-videos are just what's on the screen with audio.

- ArcGIS 10.1: Transform Your Organization

Published Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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