Esri, Trimble, NASA Participate in White House Maker Day and Beyond

There's a very long fact sheet about today's event, but here are the announcements I found related to geospatial technology:


Trimble Navigation commits to expanding its free software services to Makers by adding cloud based software and 3D printing tools.  Trimble's SketchUp business has been involved in the Maker movement from its inception.  Trimble is committing to expand its free software services to Makers by delivering a professionally managed cloud platform for design through its 3D Warehouse, and through active sponsorship and support of open source development initiatives in the area of 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication (such as Wikihouse and OpenDesk), which connects robotic machine tools with SketchUp’s simple-to-use design environment. Trimble will also continue to offer the SketchUp 3D design software product "SketchUp Make" free to the Maker community and its over 30 million users.  Trimble hosts a website repository of 3D designs and images that is freely accessible to makers looking for inspiration or seeking to share their models and designs.  The SketchUp "3D Warehouse," contains over 2.5 million models, including thousands of Maker designs.

Esri and Friends

Leading tech companies from Google to Microsoft to Esri are helping connect Makers with each other, open up new makerspaces, and make existing makerspaces easier to find:  Esri is developing a live National Day of Making map, with information on the range of universities, libraries, and cities across the country that are taking part in the Day of Making. Additionally, ESRI’s map will include a live snapshot of National Day of Making by pulling tweets from around the globe and continually updating them on a map, which will allow more people to discover Making in their communities as well as existing resources.  Microsoft is announcing a series of Maker Garage Student Open Houses, giving underserved students access to the Maker Garage and the tools, technology and techniques they need to realize their full potential. Google is launching a public interactive nationwide Maker Map to help makers explore local spaces where they can come together to build new projects.  From July 7th to August 15th, Google and MAKE will also host their third annual Maker Camp - a free summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring available virtually on Google+ and in local neighborhoods. Google will be providing 500 maker “affiliate sites” around the country with a starter kit of technology and materials for the projects, so that campers can make projects together as well as online.

NASA and CubeSats

A new announcement of opportunity for CubeSat developers later this year, with the goal of broadening its reach to all 50 states by targeting the 21 "rookie states" that have had no previous CubeSat presence in space, and will leverage the existing NASA Space Grant network of colleges and universities. CubeSats provide the opportunity for Makers to build small satellites to demonstrate new innovative technologies and conduct scientific research in a space environment. To date, NASA has selected CubeSats from 29 states, 17 of which have already been launched, and two more are slated to go to space later this year.

Published Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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