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U.S. Computing offers routing solutions and specializes in school bus routing. One big client: Clark County, Nevada - home of Las Vegas. Using a server-based solution has allowed them to cut staff working on routing from 24 to 7. But, fear not, some of those people returned to positions driving the buses and some of those still working on routing can explore tweaking the system to make future routes even better. The company does it's own data collection via GPS to get true average speeds of the buses since historic data from the big data providers is not from school buses, but an array of vehicles. Next up for U.S. Computing: paratransit - routing for vehicles that serve the handicapped.

I visited with the "new" GIS school on the block, American Sentinel University (a for profit college). The CEO (and leadership/funding) is from Vanderbuilt University but the reps could not tell me the history of how the school came to have such a strong connection to the military. To date the school has graduated about 90 students in its AA and BS online GIS degrees since its start in 2007. Most are military students (who can study online overseas) who benefit from a policy of free textbooks for that population. The school is looking to expand its relationship with Esri and offer training for its certification exams. There are also plans for an online MS degree.

I spoke with Sheila Wilson, GISP and Executive Director of GISCI who shared, in passing, that several individuals have raised concerns about unethical behavior by GISPs. Remember that GISPs are required sign an ethics pledge. Hearings have been organized and in at least one case, the accused withdrew from the GISP certification program before any determination of guilt was made.

GIS Etc. offers professional development workshops, books and other trinkets for educators. In demand are "simple ways" to bring GIS into the classroom with little effort and time from the instructor. Books are all $25 and come "ready to copy" which passers-by found quite appealing.

Published Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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