ESRI’s Business Partner Program

By Directions Staff

1. How does the ESRI business partner model differ from that used by Intergraph or MapInfo? That is, is it simply a reseller relationship or do you differentiate between reseller and independent software developer using AML, VB, or other development language that eventually sells a solution built on ESRI technology?

ESRI partners are focused in many different industries and use different business models to support their business objectives (e.g., resellers, developers, consultants, systems integrators).All of our partners are in the program because they add value to our core products.Resellers, consultants, and systems integrators typically add value through training, design services, systems configuration, customization, and offering total solutions.Developers create products that are built on ESRI technology.

2. How many members does your reseller channel have currently? US? Europe? Asia/Pacific?

ESRI has more than 1,400 partners worldwide.

3. What products are your business partners authorized to sell? ArcView only other products?

ArcView, ArcGIS extensions, ArcIMS, ArcPad, MapObjects, MapObjects JAVA edition, ArcSDE, ArcLogistics Route, ArcView Business Analyst.

4.Do you encourage your business partners to sell turnkey or total solutions?

Yes, ESRI not only encourages partners to sell turnkey solutions, but we look for partners who can build turnkey solutions in all of our markets such as, utilities, local government, and telecommunications.In addition to working with partners who build products, ESRI has strong relationships with consultants and systems integrators.These partners may not build a COTS product with ESRI technology, but they integrate ESRI technology or a partner's product as part of a total solution such as training, database design, installation, support, and application development.

5.How do you differentiate or distribute the opportunities for selling services and software between your business partners from those serviced by you internal consultant groups? In other words, how do you slice "sales opportunity" pie?

ESRI has a relatively small professional services division and relies on partners for many projects.Sometimes we are required to be the prime contractor on certain projects.In these cases, we try to subcontract work to partners to help us fulfill project requirements.ESRI typically uses project work to learn how we can improve our products; it is not a primary source of revenue.

Published Wednesday, February 27th, 2002

Written by Directions Staff

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