EveryBlock Shuts Down

The blog points to the changing state of the news business as the reason for the shutdown on Feb 7, 2013.

It’s no secret that the news industry is in the midst of a massive change. Within the world of neighborhood news there’s an exciting pace of innovation yet increasing challenges to building a profitable business. Though EveryBlock has been able to build an engaged community over the years, we’re faced with the decision to wrap things up. 

There were nearly 200 commnts when I post this at 1 pm Eastern on that date.

Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and chief digital officer of NBC News, which nows has full control of MSNBC.com which acquired EveryBlock in 2009, gave the corporate perspective to Poynter.org:

[EveryBlock] is a wonderful scrappy business but it wasn’t a strategic fit with our growth strategy and — like most hyperlocal businesses — was struggling with the business model.

- EveryBlock Website,  final blog post, Poynter.org via @bflood

Published Friday, February 8th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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