FCC Developer APIs

The FCC now offers four APIs for developers on its new developer page:

FCC Consumer Broadband Test
Over 1 million user speed tests were generated from FCC Consumer Broadband Test. This API delivers data on the number of tests, average user download/upload speeds, and more.

FCC Census Block Conversions
Like politics, all data is local. Unlock the US Census Block number of any geographic coordinate using the FCC Census Block Search.  This API also returns the associated US State and County name, with more layers coming soon.

FCC FRN Conversions
Quickly tap FCC Registration Numbers to learn more company information about broadband providers, which often change from state to state.

FCC License View
Spectrum is a national resource. License View provides information on over 3 million FCC issued licenses for use of the nation’s airwaves and other purposes.

- FCC Blog via @LearonDalby

Published Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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