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For The Good of Illinois, an open-government group founded by former gubernatorial hopeful Adam Andrzejewski, has a free iPhone and iPad app that, with the touch of a button, will show you the salaries of government employees in your area.

Using your device's GPS coordinates, the app will list, from highest to lowest, the pay of state and local government employees within a radius of five, 10, 25 or 50 miles. Or you can input a ZIP code, rather than using your current location. Employees also can be searched by name.

I'm not sure location would be the first way I'd want to organize that data...
Today Salt Lake City will introduce the Community Food Production Mapping Tool,  which allows residents to access a City map, click on their property and find out how much food they could grow.

The purpose of the mapping tool is to provide residents with an estimation of how much they could supplement the produce they buy with food grown in their gardens. The tool was developed by Salt Lake City GIS Coordinator Kevin Bell and University of Utah Department of City and Metropolitan Planning students.

- Salt Lake City Tribune

You've done it or had a friend do it: drive into the garage with the bike still on top of the car... Ugly. Now a solution: 

RackReminder is a location-based reminder application which runs on the iPhone’s iOS operating system. Once installed, users can enter multiple reminder addresses within the application and when leaving for a location with bikes or other gear on top of their vehicle, they notify the application of their intended destination. Upon arriving near the location, the app notifies the driver with both visual and audio alerts of the load on top of their car, SUV, or van.

I'm so glad my bike fits IN my car!

- press release

Published Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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