Finding a Job in a Tough Market

By Richard Serby

Finding a job in a slow economic market is a challenge many face today. A sluggish market means public entities such as cities, counties, state and federal government agencies are watching their budgets. Competition for projects is greater than ever.

Organize your job search:

Make a list of everyone you know in the industry: CEOs, Presidents, Owners, Vice Presidents, Department Managers, Lead Technicians, Sales and Marketing Personnel, Technical Staff, Administrative Staff, HR Managers and even the Janitor.
Tell every person on your list know that you are seeking a new job.

Develop a list of job sources: The internet is a great source of job information but don't stop there. Build a list of organizations and names of people within those organizations.Contact each person on that list. Set a goal of contacting at least 10 people every day.

Subscribe to industry journals, magazines, and newsletters: Make sure that you are receiving every important source of industry information. Read every story.Note every name in each story. Make contact with each person mentioned. Ask for leads.

Be flexible: During difficult employment times it may be necessary to take one step back to move two steps forward. Your ability to relocate (sometimes at your own expense) may be critical in landing a job. Your ability to be somewhat flexible in wage or salary expectations may also be necessary.

Mass resume distribution: Mass email resume distribution services become less effective in specialized industries such as GIS. They work great for the sales person who or an IT person who is willing to work in any industry.It may be worth a try but at some expense.

My theory: You only need one job. There is one great job out there for you!

Published Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

Written by Richard Serby

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