Flying under the Radar - Intermap - But not for long

If you have not taken a look at Intermap (traded on the Toronto exchange as IMP.TO) lately you wouldn’t be alone. The company has be flying stealthily into the world of web map portals, vehicle navigation, and the PND market. Look for them to make more noise in the enterprise GIS market very soon.

We first caught up with Intermap CEO, Brian Bullock in January to discuss the company’s NEXTMap product and the announcement about how they have been capturing highly accurate 3D geometry for road networks for the automotive and insurance industries. If you did not get a chance to hear that interview, Bullock gave a very intriguing picture of his vision for why you need such accuracy, even for a consumer marketplace. In brief, the data is being incorporated into both automated suspension systems and in-vehicle nav devices to help cars in predicting changes in slope and elevation. The result: cars can improve gas mileage and help drivers literally stay "ahead of the curve."

Now comes word today that Intermap is working with Microsoft to enhance the Virtual Earth product for Great Britain using this highly accuract 3D data. Intermap’s 3D data is being used by MSFT as the foundation for placement of imagery within VE.

Published Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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