FOSS4G Tidbits II

More random notes/quote from FOSS4G 2007:

“There isn’t one presenation I’ve had to walk out of…”

There’s no open source photogrammetry nor surveying software, so far as I know. Why? Too small a community? Niche market? Will there ever be open source software in these areas?

Best give away: The Safe Software Spork - a single tool for the job. (But you do get two, otherwise it’s tough to use knife.)

Did you know the history of the ADS 40 sensor? It was designed as an aerial/space sensor and in its early days was to be to be used on a Mars mission (1996). The first one ended up in a failed launch and it’s companion was put on an airplane and viola, one of the most widely used aerial senors! I learned that over lunch from a guy who worked on the original.

Steve Lime (of MapServer “fame”) was awarded the Sol Katz Award this year. Frank Warmerdam’s (himself a winner of the award) noted it was as much for Steve’s technical contributions as for his ability to create and maintain community. Steve was quick to note that the award was really for the MapServer community.

I moderated the final panel, so alas it is difficult to cover in any detail. The two running themes/jokes? “GIS is dead” and “GIS need not be thought of as stand alone but as part of everything else.” Neither of these are exactly new ideas, but it seems we all needed to hear them again. I also did a recap to close the event (just before two Nanos were awarded) which will appear in Directions next week.

Next year we go to Cape Town, South Africa, September 29 to October 3, 2008. I know many folks are concerned about the challenge of travel. Yes, it’s far from many places (but closer to others!) so start saving your pennies now. The preview from Gavin Fleming, the chair of the event suggested this will be a very special event with the theme GIS for Developing Nations and a focus on outreach and education. Further, it will be paired with the local GIS conference meaning a big mix of proprietary and open source users and technology will mix.

Published Friday, September 28th, 2007

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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