FOSS4G Tidbits

Some things I overheard/thought/noticed on the first full conference day:

“If ESRI had ‘t existed we would be 10 years ahead of where we are now”
[Unnattributed quote is back. It was on vacation while I researched it further. Removed 9/25. I removed the “(OSGeo)” after “we” because that was my interpret, which is not really fair in the situation. Why is this happening? After I posted the quote, someone from whom I didn’t hear it wanted to clarify it. So, I had to confirm from whom I did hear it…]

One attendee shared that the big issue in the move from proprietary to open source didn’t have anything to do with functionality, but rather the learning curve.

The demo theatre is all live demos - no “slideware.”

In one session I attended with two EDU papers and one PPGIS paper, the room filled to nearly overflow for the latter.

Educators note that students want to learn open source, in part, to distinguish themselves from others in the marketplace. It seems Web mapping is in demand most.

One educator at a university without a geography department finds himself trying to support many staff and students from other departments. Part of the solution: open source.

Many people who have attended several editions of this event note lots of “newbies” who perhaps don’t even know of the challenges faced when Autodesk first announced the MapServer Foundation two years ago. That’s not a bad thing, they noted.

The opening session reminded on attendee of events held in Palm Springs.

No paper I attended failed to prompt follow-up questions.

One presenter asked if anyone from the mailing list of the product he mentioned were in the session. Two people raised their hands and he lept from the front of the room to shake their hands before returning to the talk.

Published Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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