FOSS4GNA Tweets of Note - 4/10/12

Robert Barber-Delach ‏ @GeoTechie 
I was wondering what CartoDB was. basically... PostGIS hosted and enhanced in the cloud. Pretty slick #foss4gna
Steven Johnson ‏ @geomantic
Already impressed (overwhelmed?) by quality/quantity of presentations at #foss4gna
Aaron Steele ‏ @eightysteele
#postgresql 9.2 adds space partitioning trees for faster reads/updates than GiST, cuts load times by 2/3 #foss4gna
Anne ‏ @AnnieGitUrGun
So, why aren't we using GeoServer yet? Seems like a no-brainer.#foss4gna
Emmanuel Belo ‏ @emmanuel_belo 
Tilecloud by @tomwpayne #camptocamp is a revolutionary tiles manager. With AWS S3/EC2/SQS, leverage the full power of the cloud! #FOSS4GNA
Michael P. Gerlek ‏ @mpgerlek
Heard 3 times already today: per-core licensing/cost issues are pushing people over to open source solutions. #foss4gna
anthony quartararo ‏ @tonyquartararo
Only 1% of 17+ billion tiles actually have useful, relevant information on it. #win #foss4gna @younghahn
Michael Terner ‏ @MT_AppGeo
MapBox describes that 60% of the "global tiles" would be water, & thus identical "blue". Understanding "empty tiles" is key. #FOSS4GNA
Michael Terner ‏ @MT_AppGeo
National Park Service embarked on an OSS project in spite of Esri ELA & internal pressure; Sat out Flash/Silverlight too. #FOSS4GNA
David Puckett ‏ @BrightRain  
NPMap is a standards based, Javascript abstraction library. Can use a simple json config file to create a web map. #foss4gna
anthony quartararo ‏ @tonyquartararo
@mapstory unveiling #foss4gna groovy historical cartography and map story telling! super excited for this ! [Launches publicly on Thursday! Is a new effort from one Chris Tucker, @mapstory]
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Published Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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