Foursquare News: Users can Edit OSM Maps and Get More Ads

Foursquare switched over the OpenStreetMap last year (we discussed it on a podcast). Now comes word of a rollout of tools for Foursquare users to correct location information in OSM:

Now, Foursquare users will see an “edit map” link when editing places on, which leads directly to OpenStreetMap’s web editor at the right location, where they can join OSM and make updates. Today, it’s rolling out to Foursquare Superusers in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Brazil. We’ll be expanding in the future to other places where location data can be improved.

I read that as only on the site, not in the app.

- Foursquare Blog via @seangorman

In other Foursquare news, there seems to be more selling of location data.

As part of its efforts to generate new sources of revenue, Foursquare is working with ad-tech company Turn to allow advertisers to use its treasure-trove of location data to retarget Foursquare users on other websites, according to executives familiar with the situation.

- Ad Age

Published Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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