Foursquare’s New Feature Shares “Streaks” to Encourage More Check-ins

An old feature of Foursquare that appeals to the datanerd in many tech users pops up information about location based behavior at check-in. So, after a few days of checking in at work you might learn it's the longest streak you've had of a daily check-in. This week, Foursquare upped the ante. Now users can share that (important?) news via social media. The examples of course are about three days of going to the gym and bragging about that, but the reality as TechCruch suggests is probably more reports of sucsessive visits to a bar.

While an added bonus, at least for some users, the real value to Foursquare is that these reminders and congratulations and the sharing thereof are simple motivation for users to keep checking-in. The feaure may also be a stepping-stone to further integration with quantified self solutions.

I've never used any sort of quanitified self or check-in solution, but my running friends have. After just a few posts from their "Daily Mile" account on Facebook, most stopped posting. While they may still use the app, the rest us really didn't need to know they ran five miles. Instead, the trend is only to highilght significant runs - the beautiful, the long, the difficult and to the ones where they ran into fellow club members ("SRR Sightings"). They do that via a manual Facebook post.

- Foursquare blog via TechCrunch

Published Friday, May 10th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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