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This is interesting: the map of polling places in Hammond, Indiana is (1) made by the Hammond Sanitary District GIS Department and (2) built on free software (Google Maps), something worthy of note in the local paper.

- The Times of Northwest Indiana

An error in a local zoning map is the source of a lawsuit in Greenburgh, NY.

Four local residents are suing the town for not properly maintaining and correcting its zoning maps — errors that may allow a multi-family housing complex to be built on a lot the town said is zoned for single-family use.

Currently the State Supreme court is supporting the "error" version which puts an affordable housing complex in a single family, wealtheir neighborhood. The plaintiffs do not want monetary damages, just to have the map invalidated.

- The Journal News

After declining use of the old map of Saskatoon, the city decided it was time to upgrade.

The iMap took staff six months to develop and the city spent $40,000 on outside help to set up the program. The information used in the iMap is part of a larger city "open data" effort to help local programmers access city data for their own work, Peacock said.

iMap is a GeoCortex Silverlight solution with the longest list of "I want to" options I've ever seen on an online map.

- Star Phoenix

Published Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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