Fun with EASI Comparisons

By Hal Reid

One of the fun things about demographics is the ability to compare geographies.You can do this if you are trying to find similar characteristic for a successful existing business location, or if you're moving, to find a neighborhood that is somewhat like the one you are living in.Here are a few examples.
  • "We have a great performing store in this ZIP Code, are there other similar ZIP Codes out there?"
  • "I would like to move somewhere that has a high quality of life, low housing costs, high wages and is in a contemporary part of the country, (that is, besides Atlanta)."
Easy Analytic Software, Inc.has been doing this as a matter of course, since the company introduced its first products in the '90s.These are some examples from the website.

Only the Very Best for These Will do
The Luxury Market
Source: Easy Analytic Software, Inc.(Click image for larger view.)

Economics Geared Towards the Best Possible Value
The Bargain Market
Source: Easy Analytic Software, Inc.(Click image for larger view.)

Sunshine, Not Too Hot, Not Too Cool - Always Just Right
EASI Weather Index
Source: Easy Analytic Software, Inc.(Click image for larger view.)

If you are looking for a place to move to that has great weather, has the best bang for the buck or you want some company for your new BMW 700 series, somewhere on this list you should at least find a starting point.

An interesting thing you can do using these standard data is both view and weight demographically based values from the EASI quality of life data.Below is an example of some of the values for Providence, RI.Using these values, a comparison list can be created of similar cities.Note values like the number of clear days, number of snow days, percent of sunshine, etc.Of course, these indices and values are weighted to create a list of similar cities.

Quality of Life
Source: Easy Analytic Software, Inc.

Comparable Cities
Source: Easy Analytic Software, Inc.

For retail, this same methodology could be used if you thinking about moving into a new city, using a successful geography as a base and finding others like it.

If you would like to look at the EASI Fun Facts or do some comparisons of your own, go to their web site.

Published Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Written by Hal Reid

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