Garmin Says Tablets Won’t Kill Dedicated GPS Devices in the Cockpit and other GPS News

We asked Garmin's Jim Alpiser at the Aircraft Electronics show in Washington, D.C. if this signals the beginning of the end for big ticket portable GPS. "We recognized that the tablets on the market today are very attractive for a lot of reasons. It allows, number one, to get a giant display in the cockpit and get charts on there," Alpiser told us in this podcast recorded at the AEA show.

"But Garmin portable GPSs are still the most feature rich devices that you can get your hands on and fly behind. I can show you a dozen different things you can do on a Garmin GPS portable that you still cannot do on a tablet device," he added.

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Investment house Harhinger Capital Partners owns most of LightSqared. Phil Facone, hedge fund manager told Reuters he is considering bankruptcy to save the company.

- The Hill

TomTom GPS have been behaving erratically for about a week and the company has pinned the problem on a leap year glitch from third party software. There's now a fix.

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MNDNR has released new open source software to replace the old DNRGarmin which takes data from GPS devices into mapping programs.

DNRGPS is a new iteration of DNRGarmin created by MNDNR and the National Park Service. The new name reflects a focus to expand the compatibility of the application to more brands and models of GPS receivers. DNRGPS is also able to consume more geospatial data formats, has more data projections, and is compatible with the latest versions of ArcMap and Google Earth. ...

A public DNRGPS webpage has been created for the distribution of DNRGPS and accompanying documentation. The site highlights functionality, lists prerequisites, and includes links to DNRGPS mailing lists.

- GPS World

Published Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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